Final infographic

May 7, 2021 - Blogs

After the week 12 feedback session on our infographics, I got some good feedback on what I need to improve on which I found very helpful in making my infographic better overall.

Some of the feedback was to compare 100 acres to something which is easier to visualise, such as a football pitch, change the orange to a different colour, make use of space and don’t be afraid to expand to make room, give the water a gradient and make more space for the title/header.

I was really grateful for the feedback on my infographic because I was able to develop it in a great way and I think it looks much better than what it did beforehand.

Overall, I enjoyed making this infographic as it is a chance to express creativity. I learnt how to convey information in a visual way and discovered how to use bar, line and pie charts in Illustrator.


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