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May 6, 2021 - Blogs

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In conclusion, I was able to achieve what I was aiming for which was to be content with the final outcome of my brand. I wanted to portray a message through my brand which demonstrated professionalism while having fun and enjoying what I do. This message was shown through the colour scheme. Another message was shown through my monogram. The ‘S’ and ‘K’ cut through each other which symbolises me cutting through the normal, everyday, common designs. I always strive to create unique designs which stand out from the norm. This is also shown through my logo. The meaning behind my logo is not only cutting through boring designs but also it is similar to a rope which ties everything together and is a symbol of strength and hope. The logo also has eight points to it which is personal to me because it is my date of birth.

Overall, I have learned a lot about branding throughout this course in branding identity. I think the lectures, tasks and assignment was very valuable when it came to understanding what branding actually meant. The main thing I have learnt, among a lot else, is that it is so important to start with words and what you want your brand to mean before it comes to designing the brand.


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