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January 31, 2021 - Blogs

For this task I had a look at some blogs from Brand New (UnderConsidersation). Their blogs focused on the subject of logos and brand identities.

Firstly, I wanted to understand why brand identity was so important to a company or person. Having a good brand identity shows the ‘personality’ or ‘tone’ of the brand which would evoke certain feelings for the audience. The brand identity should represent the company’s message and promote business goals. It also creates consistency throughout a range of marketing materials. Brand identities creates a difference between competition. It is a good way to stand out from the rest by having a good brand identity. Brand awareness is also important when it comes to brand identity. The more a brand is featured on marketing materials, the more recognisable it becomes which leads to costumer loyalty as they can build a connection between the brand and product.

These are some of the logos/brand identities I looked at on Brand New.

The blogs focus on logos that have changed over time. Companies will change their logo for the main reason of staying up to date. Customers want to feel like the company that they exchange with is up to date. Most logos are being simplified and becoming more 2D/flat by removing added details, such as, colours. This is shown by the Burger King and Pringles logos. The Baskin Robins logo has changed by brightening the colours on the logo. The spaces are also slightly wider, this is most likely to emphasise the ’31’ in the logo. The logo for Pfizer looks more legible and professional.


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