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Monogram sketches
These are my monogram sketches based on my initials which are made up of the letter ‘S’ and ‘K’. I had to consider shapes and form, [...]
Word Play
For this task I had to finish off a minimum of 6 plays word where the meaning of the word is conveyed visually using typography. I enjoyed this task [...]
App design research
As part of my research, I looked at some travel apps. This was to give me a better understanding of some of the ranges of designs within different travel [...]
Anatomy of Type
The anatomy of type refers to the structure of typography. Just like the anatomy of humans, it is important to understand to be able to make diagnoses. [...]
Icon re-creation
For this task I had to recreate 5 of the icons shown below. I used Figma to recreate them. Originals Recreation
Geometric Shape Task
For this task I had to make my name out of three geometric shapes. The three shapes which we could use were triangles, squares and circles. I mainly used [...]
Content Audit Exercise
For this exercise I had to choose a brand which I feel I understand. The brand I chose was Simple. I decided to choose Simple because I used a lot of their [...]
Follow Something Task
For this task I had a look at some blogs from Brand New (UnderConsidersation). Their blogs focused on the subject of logos and brand identities. Firstly, I [...]
Week 1 tasks
Social bio For this task I was required to write a short biography for myself which could be used across social media profiles and platforms. I need to sum [...]
Recommendation tweet for tv show
Short description A classic comedy sitcom from the 80s to the early 2000s, is a must-watch. It is popular with all ages and can be enjoyed with friends or [...]
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