Travel app sketches

May 6, 2021 - Blogs

In order to start designing my travel app, I needed to figure out what type of travel app I was going to make. To help me with that I created a mind map on the different types of travel app ideas, as shown below.

After creating my mind map, I decided to choose a type of ‘sightseeing’ travel app. I came up with the purpose of the app which was to discover local parks, beaches, hiking trails, bars, restaurants and cafes nearby. I then had to come up with the name of the travel app. I thought of the name ‘Carpe Diem’ which translates into ‘seize the day’. The app is to encourage people to go outside and discover new things/places which they would not usually try.

My wireframes for my first three screens are shown below.

Soon after, I went into Adobe Illustrator to start creating the travel app. I was proud with the outcome of the three screens because it was the first time I had created anything like this in Illustrator. The screens are shown below.



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