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IXD302 – Task: Mock Emails

For this week’s tasks, we were asked to create a series of mock-up emails that we would send to hypothetical people in a workplace. This was helpful towards learning more about how to properly write up emails, and how to tailor them towards different sets of people. 1. To the manager, keeping them up to…Continue Reading IXD302 – Task: Mock Emails

IXD302 – Week One: Tasks

Daniel assigned us a few tasks to complete for this week, which can be seen above. I will be writing short paragraphs on six design companies around the globe, half of which will be local companies, and the other half of which will be international. Local Bag of Bees Bag of Bees is a strategic…Continue Reading IXD302 – Week One: Tasks

IXD302 – Week One: Introduction

Today was our first lesson in Daniel’s class in Creative Entrepreneurship. He introduced us to the work we would be covering throughout this semester, by helpfully taking us through a week-to-week plan. As Daniel explained to us, the aims for this module are as follows: To introduce a range of professional practices within the creative…Continue Reading IXD302 – Week One: Introduction