IXD302 – Week One: Introduction

Today was our first lesson in Daniel’s class in Creative Entrepreneurship. He introduced us to the work we would be covering throughout this semester, by helpfully taking us through a week-to-week plan.

As Daniel explained to us, the aims for this module are as follows:

  • To introduce a range of professional practices within the creative industry, career options and skills to improve employability.
  • To demonstrate a clear understanding of idea generation and research tools for digital product design.
  • To demonstrate skills in written and verbal communication within a professional context.
  • To underline the importance of working on paper, supporting research and independent study.

The outcome of this module aims to provide us with the ability to enter the workplace with the correct skills and knowledge needed. We will be learning employability and presentational skills, as well as help towards idea generation, research and problem solving.

I am looking forward to learning more from this module, as it will greatly benefit me as I go into placement next year. I want to be the best self and employee I can be when entering the workplace.


After our introductory session, we then moved into the IXD studio for a workshop. This involved writing down all the attributes we hope to find in a potential job onto sticky notes, as we need to know what we are looking for before we start looking.

For my sticky notes, I wrote down the following:

  • Good communication with employees
  • Good pay
  • Good/well-known reputation
  • Easy to travel to
  • Allows team-working
  • Allows problem-solving

I feel as though these are the things I would look for most of all in a job, and the rest of the class had pretty similar ideas. We put all of our ideas together on one board, which allowed us to see the scope of everyone’s ideas. Overall, the most significant and popular qualities in an employer everyone wanted was kindness to employee’s and good pay.

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