IXD302 – My CV and Covering Letter

I began the development of both my CV and cover letter, as I would need to send these off as soon as possible to potential placement employers.


I started with my CV, as this would provide me with a grounds on which to base my cover letter around.

As I had already made up a CV in the past, I decided to refer to it from which to base my work on. I would obviously need to change a lot of things, but it would give me an idea of the things that I have already included that I would need to include in my new CV.

My old CV was made on a CV maker website, so the design of it is pretty basic and impersonal. That is one of the main things that will need to be changed about my new CV.

I will also need to update my education, as I have started university since making this CV.

In terms of skills and qualities, I will need to tailor these towards a more UX/UI Design based criteria, instead of a sales perspective.



I decided to look into a few examples of existing UX portfolios from current designers, and these are few that I really liked the look of.

A composed a list of qualities that these CVs possess that I would like to reflect in my own:

  • Short, simple sentences that are easy to read and understand.
  • Very limited colour scheme – black and white, then an accent colour that is carried throughout the entire page.
  • The most important information is placed first, with least relevant at the end.
  • The name on the portfolio is bold and clear at the top of the page, drawing your attention.


The CV I have created is evenly spaced out, making everything clear and easy to find on the page. I have also used a colour accent to draw your attention to all the titles throughout the page. I didn’t want to just use black and white as I wanted to differentiate myself from other CVs, as it would have been a very simple and basic design if it weren’t for the colour.

Jessica Donnan CV

Cover Letter

I wanted to keep my cover letter consistent with my CV, so I used the same typography and spacing. However, I removed all colour from this document as I wanted the letter to be more about the words than the overall design and display.

Jessica Donnan Cover Letter


Daniel also asked us to make sure our LinkedIn profiles were up to date. There wasn’t much I needed to change from last year, as I had been keeping it pretty much up to date. I did, however, edit my description and changed my profile picture to a more recent photo, as I wanted to keep my profile as relevant as possible.

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