IXD302 – Week One: Tasks

Daniel assigned us a few tasks to complete for this week, which can be seen above. I will be writing short paragraphs on six design companies around the globe, half of which will be local companies, and the other half of which will be international.


Bag of Bees

Bag of Bees is a strategic branding studio focussed on using design to solve business problems. The company has been built on the understanding that design is a critical business service. One that needs a methodical and serious approach. But they don’t forget that they are working with people and that their process must enhance other’s. Their team members have been brought together because of their shared passion for delivering creative flair, for their technical skill, and for their relaxed & personable attitude.

A selection of their clients include: The Duke of York, Seaforde Gardens, RMI Architects, The Present Tree, Aspects Financial, Thompson Clarke, Wee Toast Tours, Norsh.


UsFolk is a Belfast based illustration agency and creative studio, hosting over 30 illustrators from all corners of the globe. As well as running multiple projects in the design studio and managing the steady flow of illustration commissions, the in house team are all freelance illustrators.

A selection of their clients include: LUSH Cosmetics, The Washington Post, National Museums NI, Royal Victoria Hospital, Queen’s University, Lyric Theatre.

Big Motive

Big Motive is an independent design consultancy, composed of a team of designers, strategists, and creative problem solvers dedicated to making an impact on business and our world. They collaborate with purpose-driven teams to create digital products and services that improve people’s lives. At Big Motive, human-centred design underpins every challenge. Blending data analysis with deep customer insight, they work to create hyper-relevant experiences that inspire engagement, change and growth.

A selection of their clients include: Aflo, Department of Health, BBC, Pobal, Belfast Telegraph, Voices for Impact, Omniplex.



Pentagram is a multi-disciplinary, independently-owned design studio. Their work encompasses graphics and identity, products and packaging, exhibitions and installations, websites and digital experiences, advertising and communications, sound and motion. They have 23 partners, who are all practicing designers. They are the only major design studio where the owners of the business are the creators of the work and serve as the primary contact for every client.

A selection of their clients include: Mastercard, DC, Verizon, Colgate, The Rolling Stones, Samsung, National Gallery.

Happy Cog

Happy Cog works with organisations and institutions in lots of spaces. Higher education. Enterprise. Mission-driven nonprofits. Media and publishing companies. Consumer and lifestyle brands. Technology. Healthcare. Real estate. Professional services. Breweries. Rock bands. Working with a diverse set of partners gives them a unique perspective. They are ever-expanding our frame of reference, which allows us to solve problems in unexpected ways.

A selection of their clients include: Jovia, Harvard, &pizza, Newmark, Zagat, Yoga International, Airbnb, NRT.

Studio Dumbar

Studio Dumbar is a highly influential Dutch graphic design agency with a long heritage. Its work has helped shape, not only Dutch, but international design for over four decades. The studio has a comprehensive range of clients, designing everything from experimental graphics for cultural clients to corporate identity programs and literature. Its portfolio is diverse, encompassing work for a variety of clients both large and small — from business and government to cultural and non–profit.

A selection of their clients include: Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Dutch Police, TNT, Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis, Dutch Railways, NEMO Science Museum.

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