SWOT Analysis and Empathy Map

During week 10 as part of Generation idea for our product, we were asking to complete Swot Analysis and Empathy Map. The purpose of the Swot Analysis was to identify our Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of our product. It allows you to know what is good and what things aren’t so good and what should be improved.

The Empathy Map states the users attitudes and behaviours. This allows me to understand the users needs. The purpose of the Empathy Map is find out what the user says, thinks, does and feels.

I want to make my project user-centered, so its important I benefit my users needs. I think it will remove bias and prevent me from assuming what my user needs.

I will be referring to the research I have done so far to create my empathy map. This empathy map is based on my product I am pitching, therefore I know what my users want.

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