Week 9- Presenting a Pitch

Todays lecture was all about presenting a pitch to our class and what is necessary to help us pitch our product in Week 12. Daniel started asking 3 volunteers from the audience to stand up in front of the class and preceded to ask them a number of questions. The volunteers would went up were Leonie, Lauren and Rachel. Just as expected they were quite nervous and shy as they were the centre of attention. The reason Daniel done this was type of thing was because we would have to stand up when delivering a presentation.

Some tips that will help us when presenting our pitch:

  1. Practice the Pitch
  2. Use eye contact
  3. Make sure the audience is sitting close and are engaged
  4. Stick to your time limit
  5. Use pictures over words
  6. Use plain English and keep it simple
  7. Include Slides as a visual que
  8. Make short notes and know what you are talking about
  9. Only use one Typeface throughout the presentation. No Crazy Fonts!
  10. Use subtle transitions
  11. Include Short videos/GIFS- sparingly
  12. Don’t use too much text instead Use bullet points
  13. Don’t use too many Slides
  14. Plan out the content on Paper. Work out what you want to say
  15. Most Importantly Check Spelling and Content

Set Up slides

When setting up our slides make sure the slide radio is 16:9. It should be 1920 x 1080 or 1280 x 720. It’s important to use a grid when laying out images. All the slides and content should be kept consistent. When creating a slideshow use a template and adapt it.


Content can be one of 2 Approach

Approach 1: Lay out what you intend to cover.

Approach 2: Get to the point. This will engage people from the start

Hand out supporting Materials. The best time to do this is at the end of class so it doesn’t take away from your presentation.

Use Rhetoric methods in your presentation

Be prepare for your pitch. Make sure it’s all set up and you have PDF as a backup

Investor Pitch- What should be included?:

  • Outline your vision
  • you problems
  • Explain the solution
  • Who will use this product
  • Whos the team
  • What your are asking.

The most important things to remember is that:

  • practice make perfect
  • Keep it interesting

He also ensured at the end of any presentation to end it on a positive note, summarise your notes, possibly leave them with a Quote or Image which will leave a last effect on the audience and make it memorable.


Today’s lecture has give me more encouragement about my pitch. I now know what things I have to do in order to make my pitch successful and achieve the best outcome. I will refer back to this lecture when writing up my slides and practicing my pitch as his advice was very helpful. I now feel slightly less nervous about presenting my idea in a few weeks. I hope by listening to talk today it will greatly help me in week 12 in delivering my product pitch.

For this week I will continue working on coming up with a business product and start writing out my content on paper which I will include in my presentation. When happy I will create my slide deck.


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