104:Week 03- Hand to Mouse

This week we dived deeper into illustration and what it is. Illustration can be pen, pencil and paper or the more technology heavy options like photoshop, illustrator or procreate.

Paul Elliman is a british artist whose work focuses mainly on typography and the human voice, often the relationship between them.  In 2018, Paul Elliman worked with Sara De Bondt and Mark El-khatib on gathering letter-like symbols as part of a continual project ‘found font’ which Elliman calls ‘The Day Shapes. n, Elliman has said that the origins of his work with object letters began with thoughts about his father’s life and history of work from the Car industry to engineering with big tech companies such as Apple.

We looked at examples of illustrators from Jorge Columbo to very successful past student, Oliver Jeffers- for inspiration with our own work.

The task for this week was to complete recreations of the following illustrations

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