Week 12: Final Critique

In this week’s lecture we had our final critique of the year.

My website went up for critique near the start of the lesson and my feedback includes:

  • Fix first animation- the solid colour and flame shape aren’t consistent with the other animations.
  • Spacing issues in ‘numbers tab’ animation overlaps with content.
  • The astronaut images need to be developed further

I agreed with all of this feedback, the astronaut images I meant to develop ages ago but the workload I needed to complete to add content into my site took over. The spacing is an issue I didn’t fully realise until the critique but I will fix them now.

The first thing I decided to fix was the spacing.

This is what the bad spacing looked like. What happened was this title and lottie animation were placed in the website outside of the ‘moon’ tab. Therefore when the ‘Saturn V’ tab was open it would open on top of this title.

I fixed this issue and now the ‘Saturn v’ tab and this title can be read and seen easily.

The next fix I made to my website was the development of my astronaut drawings.

I took an image that I liked and copied it into my figma file.

I wanted to create a more artistic, visually interesting drawing for the astronauts.

I used the colour of these images and the way the artist used gradients on the body of the astronaut, as a reference and inspiration for my drawings.

This is Buzz’s drawing developed.

This is Neil’s drawing developed.

This is Mike’s drawing developed.

I think these look so much better and really add that fun, immersive quality.

The last thing I need to fix from feedback is the first animation of the rocket.

This is how my new rocket animation looks like, I took back the solid colour and made it transparent, therefore it will match whatever background I put it on. I also changed the flame cloud into one pen path that I manipulated to have bends and shapes. This looks more realistic.

This is how the final rocket animation looks on the website.

This is the final big changes made to my website, there is some image arranging and smaller details I will change in both my website and prototype.

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