104: Week 02- Getting Iconic

During this week’s lecture we talked about icon design and learned that icons themselves don’t have to be complex, they can use the fundamentals of the design in a clever and effective way however more complex designs can be very visually appealing. To create help with creating more basic icons you can use a small grid to push your creative skillset. eg. renewable energy-kyletezak







We were told about ‘thenounproject’ for some inspiration in iconography. The Noun Project was founded by Edward Boatman and Sofya Polyakov, the website showcases created and collected icons. The community keeps growing and more icons are added to the collection everyday. On the website you can find over 3 million icons and photos. T0 see the extent of the variety of icons uploaded there i searched for ‘water bottle’- a mundane object and nearly 4,000 icons were found. If you found a really great icon that you wanted to download to fully own and customise it costs only $2.99 and that payment goes directly to the icon creator.

In this lecture we were also told about a great documentary , ‘objectified’  which talks about the relationship with objects and the people who designed them.




Our tasks for this week was to continue with the recreation of the icon sheet from last week:

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