Week 9 – Animation & Secondary Action

For week 9, we were taught about secondary animation and animatics. Like with storyboards, animatics must be clear and easy to read. Animatics can also be used to find  mistakes before lots of time and effort is put into the final animation and it allows you to figure out the pacing of the animation.  Continue reading Week 9 – Animation & Secondary Action

Week 8 – Storyboarding & Animating

For week 8, we were taught about staging and anticipation. Staging is when an action is easily read and shows a clear action even if the character is silhouetted. Anticipation consists of three stages; anticipation, action and reaction. For homework, we were tasked with animating a flour sack doing some kind of action. I choseContinue reading Week 8 – Storyboarding & Animating