Week 6 – Studies Advice Session

—Meeting with Henry— At 4:20 pm, I had a meeting with Henry which was a discussion on how I was finding each class, if I preferred live or pre-recorded lectures and if I have started to think and research what I want to become when I graduate university. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   Homework: For the 1st ofContinue reading Week 6 – Studies Advice Session

Week 5 – Texturing Strategies

Morning Class: During this morning’s class we watched Michael’s lecture about art styles and the pipeline involved on creating and keeping to the art style. It showed examples of style guides, what each member of a team does and that there is an infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to choosing an art styleContinue reading Week 5 – Texturing Strategies

Week 4 – Modular Assets & Trim Sheets

Morning Class: During the morning, we watched videos 14 to 20 that were uploaded to Blackboard. They explained the process of creating and using trim sheets and how to upload them and their textures into Unreal Engine. With the extra time we had before lunch I watched the Fossil Photogrammetry Demo.   Afternoon Class: AfterContinue reading Week 4 – Modular Assets & Trim Sheets