Morning Class:

For this morning’s class, a guest speaker named Glenda came in and gave a lecture on personal branding. She discussed the power of branding, what makes you unique and first impressions. We also covered what personal impact is and the value of words, tone and body language, focusing on your skills and how to emphasise them to your target audience and the importance of networking. Finally, we had a menti quiz to gauge our knowledge of the topics covered throughout the lecture.

Next we had a 10 minute break before starting the next lecture about career action planning which covered what career action planning is, the four stages of building your career and our skills. We then participated in an activity.


For this activity we were asked to fill out a skills audit and answer it truthfully.


After the activity we looked into how we are all more than just our degree, what options we have for our careers and how to get focused using the ‘SMART’ framework which includes; specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely. Moreover, we looked into how to take action and achieve our career goals as well as being proactive in finding opportunities. Lastly, we were given some links and resources for employability.




For homework we were tasked with creating personal advertising and poster designs for next week as we have one to one tutorials. I focused on adjusting my poster designs like picking a typeface and trying colours and seeing the contrast. Furthermore, I made a few more rough business card designs.


—Poster Designs—


—Rough Business Cards—


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