Morning Class:

During this morning Yuan explained what we will be doing today and next week during the open session. We covered the structure of a dissertation and report, what an introduction is and how to structure the introduction. Next, we covered the main body of the dissertation and how it should be divided, the purpose of a topic sentence and some tips for academic writing. After we discussed the conclusion and what it needs to contain to finish your dissertation or report. Finally, we looked into proofreading and editing.


After a fire drill we moved onto a lecture on academic writing. It covered the style that the writer should use, some basic approaches to journal articles and books, referencing and some general academic style tips. Next we covered some examples of writing styles, how to choose the right words and spelling.


Finally, we covered plagiarism, academic integrity and Harvard referencing. We covered how to identify and avoid plagiarism and the Harvard referencing system with some examples.



Homework/Assignment 1:

For homework, we were tasked with creating a plan for the dissertation that includes the structure and how many issues you want to cover within each section. Also, start writing the dissertation for the open drop-in session in week 6.

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