Donna Mageenan, a guest speaker, joined us for class and did a workshop on wellbeing after Alec went over what we had to do to prepare for the mock interviews in two weeks.


Alec told us that we will receive more information from Henry on Monday about the mock interviews. We will need to research a job role that we want to do and find out common questions that are asked to the interviewee. We will not only be an interviewee but will be used on the panel to review other peoples interviews.


Donna started her presentation on wellbeing with a Menti quiz and then we reviewed what we were going to cover in the presentation. We were shown the difference between different types of stress, how the mind functions and the fight, flight and freeze response.

Then we covered the effects of stress on the body, the effects of emotions and emotional intelligence. After a quick exercise we covered emotional resilience, different types of mindsets and perception. To finish off the lecture we completed a Menti quiz.


Alec returned and covered what is going to be happening in Monday’s class and what is expected for Animation Strategies Assignment 2.




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