Morning Class:

For this morning’s class we looked at 3D Character Animation with Alec. We were shown some examples of other people’s walk, run and body mechanic animations from previous years. Next we downloaded a Maya file from Blackboard to work on and was shown how to move the ‘Jack and Jill’ rig.


—Exercise: Posing the Rig —

To begin I found a few pose references that I liked from the internet.


Next I imported the image as image planes, added in the rigs as reference files and created a floor for the characters to stand on. I then focused on creating a clear silhouette for the poses.

Based on feedback from Alec the right shoulder of the ‘Jill’ rig is too far back but overall it was good.



Afternoon Class:

After lunch we were introduced to Sorcha who told us the many uses of After Effects and what we were going to be doing this afternoon. We were then shown some examples of animations created in After Effects. 


—Exercise 1: Ball Bounce—

We were then tasked with creating a ball bounce in After Effects. It was quite a challenge as I have never used After Effects. I’m not fully happy with the timing and the bounce but for a first try I think it turned out well.


—Exercise 2: Walk Animation—

For the second exercise, Sorcha took us all step by step on how to create the walk cycle.

Firstly we animated the torso, then the head and added a small delay to make the animation more interesting. Finally, the legs and the arms.




For homework we were tasked with storyboarding and creating an animatic for assignment 2, the body mechanic animation.

We also have to continue working on assignment 1.


Assignment 1:

Focused on completing the texturing of the assets this week.


Assignment 2:

First I thought of some ideas of what my body mechanics animation could be:

  • A dance routine
  • A fight (with or without weapons)


I decided that I really like the idea of a fight with weapons so I gathered some references from the internet.


Tessen (Japanese Fan Weapon) Performance 殺陣イベント2月16日 Tate Event 2/16/2018 – YouTube

Broadsword vs Fan fight demo – YouTube

How a Tessen might have been used – YouTube

Ogawa Ryu TessenJutsu – Nihon Me to Sanbon Me – YouTube

Iron Fan Self Defense-HD – YouTube



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