IXD301 – Week 07 – Content Organising Task

Periodic Table Project   To begin this project, we were tasked with organising some content from within the periodic table. In order to do this, we had to find a relationship between the elements, and organise a spreadsheet based on that relationship.   I created two spreadsheets; one organising the data by atomic number, and […]

IXD301 – Week 01 – Content Audit

Dawson Andrews Content Audit This week we were tasked with writing up a content audit for a website that we find would be helpful for us to research. With the upcoming placement year, and potential interviews, it is important that we have our portfolio sites up to scratch. The best way to ensure that our […]

IXD103 – Portfolio Site Link

Portfolio Website Pages: My site consists of three main pages. The home screen (navigated to by clicking the monogram within nav bar), the portfolio screen, and an about screen. My blog is also linked in the nav bar. This is a link to my current portfolio site.

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