ixd102 – Hand-in Links

Typescreen Specimen: https://blogs.ulster.ac.uk/nicolepicton/2020/12/12/ixd102-week-5-typeface-specimen-final-design/   Group Project: Presentation, Planning, Blog Post (Incl. my personal notes & research).   Webpage Essay: https://nicolepicton.github.io/stefan_sagmeister/

ixd102 – Webpage Essay Link

Here is the link to my final webpage essay entitled: “Stefan Sagmeister: Creative Genius, or Exhibitionist?”  

ixd102 Week 8 – Group Presentation

For week 8 we were put into groups and tasked with making a ten minute presentation to later present to Pauline and Kyle. The title we decided on was “Pioneers of Postmodern Design” and we all worked together in the design of our powerpoint. We all came up with some designers who we deemed to […]

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