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IXD 303 – Pharmacy Research

Prologue Before I dive head first into Pharmacy and all the elements within it, I want to look firstly the beginners overview of what it is and how one could actually produce an app that could have an effective place in the market. Pharmacy is the clinical health science that links medical science with chemistry…Continue Reading IXD 303 – Pharmacy Research

IXD 303 – Week 3 – Planning

Prologue In week 3 we started off with looking at AI, and how Airbnb actually created an AI than can create designs and code from wireframes. It was pretty interesting stuff and also very cool. We looked at which while it is pretty interesting, it doesn’t exactly design using AI technology, instead it just…Continue Reading IXD 303 – Week 3 – Planning

IXD 303 – Week 2 – Research Techniques

Prologue We started off this class with some Japanese Kanji, which meant Beginners Mind. It is associated with Buddhism, it means to be open minded, something that is very important when we research and even move beyond into designing. It important to keep an open mind. How should we research? We should remain open minded…Continue Reading IXD 303 – Week 2 – Research Techniques

IXD 303 – Week 1 – Designing User Experience

Prologue This course will be directed and taught by Paul, ‘The UX of Health’ is the primary topic name for this module. Before we got into the details of the module, Paul showed us a blogging program called Notion, it looks like a nice alternative to campus press that I could use for this module…Continue Reading IXD 303 – Week 1 – Designing User Experience