IXD 303 – Week 3 – Planning


In week 3 we started off with looking at AI, and how Airbnb actually created an AI than can create designs and code from wireframes. It was pretty interesting stuff and also very cool. We looked at designs.ai which while it is pretty interesting, it doesn’t exactly design using AI technology, instead it just throws templates at you, something that will never out do the work done by an actual human designer. It is getting more sophisticated as the years go on, but will it take over the role of actual designers, we may never know but its unlikely.

Will a robot take my job?

An interesting page by the BBC back in 2015, also pretty funny to me, because thinking about robots taking over I immediately think of Terminator and the Matrix.

Design Frame Challenge

  1. What is the problem you’re trying to solve?
  2. Try to frame it as a design question?
  3. What is the impact you’re trying to have?
  4. What are some of the possible solutions to your problem?
  5. Write some of the context and constraints you are facing
  6. Does your question need a tweak? Try again.


Hick’s Law

The time it takes to make a decision, increases with the number and complexity of choices available.

  • Minimise choices when response times are critical.
  • Break complex tasks into smaller steps.
  • Avoid overwhelming users by highlighting recommended options.
  • Be careful not to simplify content too much.

Cognitive load relates to¬†the amount of information that working memory can hold at one time. Sweller said that, since working memory has a limited capacity, instructional methods should avoid overloading it with additional activities that don’t directly contribute to learning.


Design Frame Challenge Task

We where then asked to write out a couple of questions for our digitial/physical product. The questions are listed above.

I found this very helpful as it allowed me to think carefully about the reason why I wanted to design this product and possible issues I may face along the way.


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