IXD 303 – Area of Focus


With the term health care so far reaching, I have many different areas I can look into, with such a vast array of choice I am pretty much spoilt with it all. To find an area I want to go down I needed to narrow down my search. In total I narrowed it down to 3 options, all of which I would have first hand research at my disposal.

The 3 options are;

  • Veterinary work – Mainly looking at Equestrian.
  • Ways of Reducing traffic through A&E – Due to many non essential cases going to A&E they caused a backlog and increase waiting times.
  • Pharmacy –  I know the pain of ordering repeat prescriptions as my mum has to do it for my grandfather. I want to find a way to make this a seamless process.

The Choice

All 3 of these options are really appealing to me as I have a big interest in Horses through many different people and previous experience doing lessons. I also have both A&E and repeat prescriptions as a major interest, the A&E issue being one from prior experience of waiting for hours on end in the hospital to get seen too. The most compelling topic for me perhaps is repeat prescriptions, this is due to my connect to the Pharmacy course in Coleraine and also because of friends I have studying the course who could hopefully give me an insight and notes into the world of Pharmacy and processes that one must go through on both sides.



In the end I chose Pharmacy, this was mainly because I know I will have guaranteed first hand evidence and notes to look at.


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