IXD 303 – New Colour Scheme

Colour Colour Colour

After a little bit of testing I think I have found a new colour scheme which I like. I tried it out on my app to see how it looked along with some drastic changes to the layout to make it look less empty.


The New Look

This time I went for a duck egg blue for my secondary colour while keeping purple as an accent colour. In testing this actually really livened up the apps appearance.

Here is an example of the redux homepage using the new 60 – 30 – 10 colours. Along with the new colours I also followed the feedback I had recieved. The app looks more professional in my opinion now. The big coloured boxes with white text make them super readable. While other boxes are white with black and dark grey text in them. Once the whole app looks like this, I’ll then prototype it as this is the final design variant of the app.

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