IXD 303 – Week 12 Feedback

The Final Countdown

Very fitting in my opinion, now I have the song by Europa stuck in my head.

For my feedback, I recived a good amount, looking throught them all I got a lot of people saying that they liked the logo and wordmark. I had a few saying they prefered different variations that I made. From the feedback I recieved I think I will change the brandings colours about a bit. I also recieved one piece of feedback telling me the lighter purple conflicts with the purple text, so I am also going to play around with that.

In terms of feedback from Paul, I was told just as the Pharmacist asked me in the feedback, that I should add a form of navigation to the app. Another piece of feedback I got from Paul was to remove the brand name from all the screens except for the loading screen.

With that in mind I am going to experiment more with 60 – 30 – 10 colour schemes and see if I can find one which still incorperates purple while nothing conflicting with itself.


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