IxD 103 – Social Bio

We where tasked with creating a social bio that we could use for social media to present ourselves to the wider world. Our bibliographies should reflect us to give the most accurate representation of us.

So for my short bio I kept it simple.

“An Interaction Design student studying at Ulster University following their passion.”

For my longer version of the bio I decided to add elements from the mind map I did.

“Hi! My name is Matthew Grissam and I am currently studying Interaction Design at Ulster University. Why you may ask? Simple, I love design and the elements around it, It has been something I have continuously studied for the past while. So when you bring two favourite things of mine together which is designing and computers then you’ve got yourself a great combo!

The future of design is an exciting thing to think about and to think of my role as an Interaction Designer in this new bold future inspires me!”



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