IxD103- First look at Branding

The world of branding is a vast place and to have a successful brand that customers will feel humanized with is the hardest part.

The part that a lot brands will fail at or usually underperform at is their honesty to the customer. This part is usually what leave a brand with a disconnected audience. The first thing would be to be honest and open with your audience, a brand that has been dubbed as dishonest by their customers is usually a brand that people will generally not recommend to friends or family. Companies should aim to be more genuine and not hide behind false advertising.

Another thing I have personally seen on twitter especially is a lot of business’ that try to be relatable to customers and fail at doing so, the reason so is because they are either late to the trend or the person writing the tweet for example isn’t in the same age gap as their target audience and therefore there is a bit of a drift.


Logo’s are the brands physical image, their logo will usually reflect what their brand is. The font, the layout even the colours will reflect their brand. A professional brand will usually have a sophisticated logo while more fun and trendy brands for example will have more playful logos.

superdry logo - Google Search | Fond ecran ipad, Fond ecran, Ipad

Sega - Wikipedia

Adidas - Wikipedia


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