Day: February 1, 2021

IxD 103 – Content Audit Exercise

Creating a Word Bank The brand I choose to base this exercise on was Nividia as I love their aesthetic and use their stuff.   Professional High quality Technical Master crafted Powerful Awe Inspiring   How they speak to their customers Helpful Professional Clearly   Writing for the website Professional Engaging Awe Inspiring Powerful  …Continue Reading IxD 103 – Content Audit Exercise

IxD103- First look at Branding

The world of branding is a vast place and to have a successful brand that customers will feel humanized with is the hardest part. The part that a lot brands will fail at or usually underperform at is their honesty to the customer. This part is usually what leave a brand with a disconnected audience….Continue Reading IxD103- First look at Branding

IxD 103 – Social Bio

We where tasked with creating a social bio that we could use for social media to present ourselves to the wider world. Our bibliographies should reflect us to give the most accurate representation of us. So for my short bio I kept it simple. “An Interaction Design student studying at Ulster University following their passion.”…Continue Reading IxD 103 – Social Bio