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IxD103 – Final Submission

The following links below are to my brand guidelines and Portfolio website Brand Guidelines – BrandPad Portfolio – Portfolio Site Github Repository – Github Brand Presentation – Matthew’s Brand Review I am fairly happy with how my brand has progressed over the months, it took so drastic changes over the months but they where good…Continue Reading IxD103 – Final Submission

IxD 103 – Finalised Website Wireframe

Finalised Design This is the finalised design of my wireframe for my portfolio website. I took all the feedback and worked on redesigning the wireframe. I took the feedback that Daniel gave me on having the col0ur blocks of colour from my last wireframe and I removed them completely. In doing so I gave my…Continue Reading IxD 103 – Finalised Website Wireframe

IxD 103 – Digital Wireframes & Feedback

Going into the Digital Realm This is the technically the home area, although since it’s all one page, this is where you would be brought to as you first enter. I have all the original semester 1 stuff listed below just like my actual portfolio page. Feedback During our feedback sessions on our work to…Continue Reading IxD 103 – Digital Wireframes & Feedback

IxD 103 – Portfolio Website Paper Wireframes

Pencil on Paper Like everything, the portfolio website starts on paper, these started out as basic and bland sketches, depicting the layout. This would be the top of the website, basing the wireframe layouts on my already existing portfolio website. The differences would be my brand monogram etc. This is a different approach, having the…Continue Reading IxD 103 – Portfolio Website Paper Wireframes

IxD 103 – Redesigned Monogram

Prologue After a lot of trial and error, I finally reached a monogram design I can totally happy with in every extent. It follows the Japanese aesthetic I have been following throughout my brand as well as give off a very pleasing look. I would start off with this as my initial monogram design, I…Continue Reading IxD 103 – Redesigned Monogram

IxD 103 – Beyond the Brand Outcome

Prologue Since I came from a very Applied Arts heavy background I decided to make something I would of made back then, a form of landscape. I decided to create a very simple yet powerful landscape using a technique called “Vector Landscapes”. These simple yet colourful and fun landscapes are great illustrative pieces. This example…Continue Reading IxD 103 – Beyond the Brand Outcome

IxD 103 – Beyond the Brand

Beyond the Brand Week 10’s lecture was called ‘Beyond the Brand’, it was all about making physical and digital touchpoints for your brand. Daniel encouraged us to put passion into our brands, and to believe in our own brands. He started the lecture by saying the word brand is “overused, sterile and unimaginative” a quote…Continue Reading IxD 103 – Beyond the Brand

IxD 103 – Style Guides

Style Guide – The Physical or digital document that represents the styles, patterns, practises and principles of a deign system and teaches how to use it. Pattern Library – An organised set of related, reusable components, often containing code examples, design guidelines and use cases. Components – A self-contained and reusable pattern that represents a…Continue Reading IxD 103 – Style Guides