IxD 103 – Content Audit Exercise

Creating a Word Bank

The brand I choose to base this exercise on was Nividia as I love their aesthetic and use their stuff.

File:Nvidia logo.svg - Wikipedia


  • Professional
  • High quality
  • Technical
  • Master crafted
  • Powerful
  • Awe Inspiring


How they speak to their customers

  • Helpful
  • Professional
  • Clearly


Writing for the website

  • Professional
  • Engaging
  • Awe Inspiring
  • Powerful


Brand Dictionary

Marketing and Advertisement

  • Nividia Geforce
  • Nividia RTX
  • Nividia OMNIVERSE
  • Artificial Intelligence Computing Leadership

Customer Service

  • Nividia Support
  • Customer Support
  • Enterprise Support
  • Search the Knowledge base
  • Top Support Links

Calls to action

  • Find the Latest Drivers
  • FAQ
  • Join the Geforce Community
  • Shop

Tone of voice guide

3 words that describe the brands essence

  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Reliable

A short strapline summarizing its raison d’etre

Nividia is the leading company on the market for GPUs, their professionally made Graphics Cards reflect on this, not only are their Graphics Cards top class but their support for customers is also top class.




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