IXD302 Week 5: Tasks

This week’s task was to read a book called “A Project Guide to UX Design”


The book “a project guide to UX design” was a book recommended by Daniel for us to read for the following week. This book covers the topic of creating a proposal and all the documentation behind it. It was a great resource for showing examples of how to create your own proposal and how to safeguard yourself against anything that might go wrong. I was surprised by how easy this book made it to understand the difficult and sometimes overwhelming process of outlining your workflow and the documentation that goes behind it.

Daniel told us that this book would help us understand what was happening in the next week and I can confirm it helped a lo a lot of what Daniel said was previously mentioned was in the book. From understanding how to list requirements & assumptions from the client while also maintaining a professional stance alongside working out pricing time management, and general job-related tasks.

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