IXD302 Week 5: Research & Recap

Week 5: Cv Crit

This week daniel walked us through how he would have a CV set up. and how he uses InDesign to layout his text and format it for print. Personally, I used Pages as I’ve got some familiarity with it but in the future, I probably would use InDesign.

During this he showed us how to:

  • Line things up
  • Add text
  • Create lines
  • Shortcuts
  • Place things

We were shown a book to read that will help us understand the next project about project proposals. The book will help us cover intellectual properties pricing and time management when outlining all the work.

Following this, we had a big tutorial session where daniel gave us feedback individually on our CV’s. This took ages and probably would have been better planned. I sat in the list halfway but each session took a lot longer than originally planned so by about 3pm I had to leave to go training and couldn’t wait any longer.

What I Learnt:

In general, today was meant to be a lot about the group crit but it was poorly organised to the point of running past 5pm. I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t go but that’s life.



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