IXD302 Week 3: Tasks

Week 3 Tasks: this week we covered etiquette within a studio, this included interacting with other designers and colleagues along with clients. During the day daniel held a workshop with breakout groups where we practised a meeting. This weeks task relates to this but covers all online communication through email. Extra: Research: We also had […]

IXD301: Week 3 Tasks

Task: This week our task was to continue the development of our project and begin to take it into Webflow. However, as I was away the previous week I began to design my sketches in Figma and work through iterations. Webflow: Webflow is a website builder that combines high-level code and a block using website […]

IXD302 Week 2: Task

Tasks: Start writing your CVs and covering letters. Pick a job or company from last weeks research to get you started. Also, consider ways in which you will stand out or your delivery method. Get LinkedIn and any other social platforms up to date.   Start writing CV/Cover letter: I started writing my cover letter […]

IXD301 Week 2: Recap & Research

This week we covered four things in class: What is content curation? Job user stories Visual grammar Crazy 8’s   1. Content curation Today we recapped content curation using audits and tables to collate content before beginning design. 2. Job user Stories We looked at how user stories can help direct design towards fulfilling its […]

IXD301 Week 2: Tasks

Tasks: This weeks task is to create a high-resolution mockup on Figma of our website for review and feedback next week. Unfortunately/ fortunately for me, I left the next day for 10 days competing in European championships in Italy!! Tasks to be done: Content of portfolio should be set.  ✅ Complete two user/job stories. ✅ […]

IXD302 Week 1: Tasks

  This week’s tasks consisted of researching designers around the world alongside local designers. Tasks: Find three examples of local companies that you admire. Find three examples of international design that you believe are world-leading and produce exceptional work.   Us folk Us folk is s local illustration and design company made up of loads […]

IXD302 Week 1: Recap

Lecture Recap: This was the first session of IXD302 with Daniel Philpot, this session was more of an overview of what we will be covering in the following weeks and easing us into the course. We covered course content in creative entrepreneurship which is the title of this module where we will be creating a […]

IXD301 Week 1: Tasks

Week 1 Tasks: This was the first week of IXD301 in which we covered what we will be doing throughout the semester and the main deliverables for the end of the semester. This Term we will be focusing on creating a portfolio for applying for placement next year to address any early job offers/ applications. […]

IXD104 Week 11 Tasks

Week 11 Tasks: This week I focused on completing my Infographic and began to use my sketches to put something together. Illustrator:   Started off with some illustrations of ships on the sea that I drew in my sketches and then decided to populate it more by adding fish and floating bottles. At this point, […]

IXD104 Week 11

1 on 1 Critique: This week we had a 1 on 1 with paul where we discussed how we were getting on. I showed him my app design and he pointed out some spacing he would change and then we talked about what I was doing my infographics on and how it was going. At […]

IXD104 Week 10 Tasks

IWeek 10 Tasks: This week’s task was to just continue working on my infographic. When I began to work on my infographics and looked at some research I didn’t have any ideas for the infographic so I decided to change to ships on the sea/ plastic in the sea so I did a load of […]

IXD104 Week 10

The Art of Information: What we covered: The Art of Information Big Data Small Talks Hand In & Group Critique This week we looked at how designers can abstractly use information and data to create beautiful works of art and eyecatching ways of displaying them. Paul showed us a lot of live installations by artists […]

IXD104 Week 9 Tasks

This week we weren’t set anything specific to do over easter so I decided that I would finish my App Design and begin collating information for my Infographics. App: I took my now polished app wireframes and the illustrations I had just created and put them together. Result: Infographic: I have 2 books That I […]

IXD104 Week 9

Manufactured Fictions: Today’s lecture was very different and not like our other lectures. I really liked it and the theme behind it, it was about the new Instagram age and how times are changing in the online world, how people are using computers and software to build these fake robots like people or AI and […]

IXD104 Week 8 Tasks

Master-Apprentice bar charts: I found this weeks task a lot easier than last weeks but I cant tell if that’s because I’ve been spending more time on illustrator than before. Original: Mine: Research: Do’s And Donts of Infographics: DO’s Do your research. It may seem like an obvious step, but far too many brands don’t take […]

IXD104 Week 8

Designing Infographics: This week we looked at designing infographics through: The Death of Words Rise of the Infographic What makes a good infographic? Steps to the Infographic level of amazing… This week we started looking at how the world is changing from using words to images and how vital images are to our intake of […]

IXD104 Week 7 Tasks

Tasks: This Weeks task was a master-apprentice of some pie charts: Mine: Master:   Mine: Research: Nicholas Felton Nicholas Felton is a designer/artist whose work focuses on translating quotidian data into meaningful objects and experiences. He has completed a series of annual self-tracking reports detailing the events of a year which became part of the […]

IXD104 Week 7

Visualizing Data This week we kicked off with the second and final set of content for the module, exploring visualizing data. We introduced infographics, exploring how – in an attention-deficit culture – we need to condense information down into easy-to-parse visuals. We explored how infographics have evolved, particularly highlighting the fact that – in fact […]

IXD103 Week 12

The Website: This was the first week where I started to only do website, I created a Github repo and multiple versions of my website: This was the first version that I had created the previous semester: I quickly changed this to start to ling up with the new design I had picked changing the […]

IXD103 Week 11

This week I worked on my personal brand as I hated what I created previously. This meant a full rehaul and I thought I would start by picking the font.   Font: I wanted to use a font similar to that of a font used when coding as this is something I continue to do […]

IXD104 Week 6

Week 6 was Group critique where we looked at everyone’s work and gave feedback on miro, paul later sent us any notes on our work. I really enjoyed Matthew Grissams work and his use of color and illustration. I was very happy with the feedback on my work some of the constructive feedback was that […]

IXD103 Week 10

Beyond the Brand: to begin with, we covered a refresher of all the previous weeks, what we covered, and anything that we did before easter. Then we had a look at what we had to have on our blogs. Alongside this daniel posted a miro link that showed us where we sat with our blog […]

IXD103 Week 10 Tasks

Task 1: Brand Relationships find and identify three brands that are loved and looked up to: Patagonia – ecofriendly, storytelling, low impact, high quality Boojum – local, fast, flavorsome, friendly Urban outfitters- fashionable, high quality, good products, trendy, welcoming Task 2: Design a Product Don’t just slap a logo onto a product think about what […]

IXD104 Week 5 Tasks

This week’s task was to complete some of my app designs for the week 6 critique. I continued to look at some app designs and create some more wireframes. Research I really enjoy the simple curves on the panels and the drop shadow on the cards. I thought looking at how some other apps handled […]

IXD104 Week 5

Trying it all Together: We started off by looking at some App designs and the use of color and icons within them. I took some screenshots of some of my favorites. These are mainly due to the great colors. We then looked at good design practices such as contrast icon size button size and spacing […]

IXD104 Week 4 Tasks

Checklist: Things to have done for week 5 Icons Created Consider UI From Your Wireframes create 3 visual mock-ups/prototypes From this list, all I have to work on is creating mockups from my wireframes: Using these paper wireframes I’m going to take the first three designs and take them into Figma. To start I collected […]

IXD104 Week 4

Illustration in UI Today we looked at illustration in UI why it’s useful how to make them effective and where I can and should be used. We also looked at examples from designers and illustrators on how they incorporate their illustrations into their UI to help display information. The illustration is there to clarify information […]

IXD103 Week 9

Portfolio Sites: This week we looked at our next large task with is portfolio site development and creation building off last semester’s website to create a single page display for work and our brand.   Content planning: Projects to include? In what order? Text to include? Informative / for tone / Bio? Contact Details? Any […]

IXD103 Week 9 Tasks

Task 1: S.W.O.T Analysis Create a table displaying your: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats When creating a website. Task 2: The Goal What is the purpose of the project? What problem are we trying to solve? Task 3: Hierarchy Let’s work out what’s most important. Each person’s priorities may be different from the other. It depends […]

IXD103 Week 8 Tasks

Todays Tasks:   Task 1: Interface Inventory Choose a website and complete an interface inventory, documenting all the interactive elements used throughout. This could be the website for the brand you completed a set of guidelines for last week, but it is not essential. The important thing is to observe the sorts of buttons and […]

IXD103 Week 8

Style Guides This week we looked at the continuation of identity exploration and style guidelines. Style guide The physical or digital document represents the styles, patterns, practices, and principles of a design system and teaches how to use it. Pattern library An organized set of related, reusable components, often containing code examples, design guidelines, and […]

IXD103 Week 7 Tasks

Task 1:   Choose any brand you like and compile brand guidelines for it, sourcing information and imagery as needed. This will be easier to do with existing designed elements and it should demonstrate what assets you need in order to create your own.     Task 2:   Compile brand guidelines for your own […]

IXD104 Week 2

Getting Iconic Today we looked at: Icon Design Inspiration Master-Apprentice We looked at the history of icons and the development of specific icon sets such as the development progression and evolution of the icons created for the Olympics and how they changed over the years to reflect the state of design. We looked at a […]

IXD104 Week 1

A Picture is Worth We started by taking a look at the introduction to the module with image communication, logos icons, and much more. Paul showed us some illustrations which I personally loved. I’ve followed a lot of digital artists on Instagram for a while now and have dabbled in it as well, although never […]

IXD103 Week 7

This week we did a group critique of our brand but before this, we had a look at websites for our brand and services to host and buy domain names. Websites Today we looked at websites to hosting and domain names dreamhost.com/hosting/shared/ Daniel Explained the difference between the two packages and said that he might […]

IXD103 Week 6 Tasks

Task 1: Business Card Use your wordmark, typeface choice, and monogram or symbol to design a business card. These are 85x55mm. Consider both sides of the card. Research I had never really thought of business cards, let alone what to put on them so I did a bit of digging.   What to include: 1. […]

IXD103 Week 6

Brand Identity This week we took a look at Identity and what we can apply our brand to. Alongside how we show and portray our own brand on business cards. What you can apply it to: Business Card Social Media Adverts Banners Website Email Signature HTML Email Campaigns Portfolio Packaging Studio Corporate Gifts Apparel (Clothing) […]

IXD103 Week 5

Week 5 – Color This week we looked at Color. We began by looking at Color systems and how its created in print along with which system is best suited to which task. CMYK Stands for “Cyan Magenta Yellow Black.” These are the four basic colors used for printing color images. Unlike RGB (red, green, […]

IXD103 Week 5 Tasks

Tasks 1-week branding project: At this stage in the module, you are familiar with all the stages of branding and identity design. To practice your new skills (and as a recap) I want you to design an identity for something else. This will allow you to explore a brand that you can take an objective […]

IXD103 Week 4

This week we looked at visual identity and how monograms can be a vital part of a brand identity. To begin with, we looked at some popular brands and how their monogram is identifiable even with a small section. We then took a look at the different types of monograms. Pictorial Abstract Abstract logos are […]

IXD103 Week 4 Tasks

Task 1 Sketch 3 of the following objects using the various drawing techniques we’ve talked about:   Task 2 Pick 5 keywords from your week 1-word association mind maps/bio (these could be your values) and explore a range of ways to represent them visually: Clean, Professional, Friendly, Committed, Driven.

IXD103 Week 3

Typography   I’ve never been very good with typography and choosing fonts. I found it interesting looking back at the way they used to create fonts and use printing techniques. We learned about how the tone of voice reflects what type we should use which is quite obvious when you consider it but something I […]

IXD104 Week 2 Task

Task 1: Mind Map Creating a quick mind map for my project: Taking it into Miro: Task 2: Paper Wireframes Before I began to design some wireframes for my own app I had to decide with the travel app idea I was going to go with I ended up picking space travel as although not […]

IXD103 Week 3 Tasks

Task 1: Typography mark up Task 2: Helvetica Documentary We had previously watched the Helvetica documentary as a recommendation from Paul The documentary began by saying that everywhere you walk you see typefaces, but there’s one you see probably more than any other- Helvetica.  Helvetica was described as being like “air” or “gravity” because of […]

IXD103 Week 2 Tasks

Task 1: Research Monograms   Task 2: Sketching Task 3: Playing with simple shapes We worked on creating our name with basic shapes and the created mood boards on letterforms and monograms. I found this task really fun and enjoyed the simplicity of creating letterforms with such simple shapes

IXD103 Week 1

Week 1 Tasks Social Bio: Hey, I’m an interaction design student, filmer, editor, and a happy student looking to design and create things that make our lives just that bit nicer. About me Text: Hey, I’m an interaction design student, filmer, editor, and a happy student living in lockdown. My aims are to create clean […]

IXD103 Week 1 Tasks

Task 1: Describe an inanimate object from its point of view He takes me with him over his shoulder everywhere he goes. I get to record what he sees, all the time spent with friends and the trips alone. When I’m needed I get used for work, to sit and listen to some boring interview. […]

IXD102 Pocket Profile Vic Bell

Vic Bell Vic bell is mainly an iconographer and illustrator. she has worked with large companies from Scratch to Uber. I began to look at her work with uber where When diving into this project she decided to explore the largest design first and reduce the detail enough to keep the icon consistent and the […]

IXD101 Github links & Projects

Github link:https://github.com/LeanderIXD John Baskerville: https://github.com/LeanderIXD/john_baskerville Type history: https://github.com/LeanderIXD/historyoftype CSS Exercise: https://github.com/LeanderIXD/css_exercise Portfolio Page: https://github.com/LeanderIXD/ixd101 Final Pieces Manifesto: https://blogs.ulster.ac.uk/leandermutschler/2020/09/28/week-1-mantra-design-page/ 9 Iterations: https://blogs.ulster.ac.uk/leandermutschler/2020/11/28/ixd101-9-iterations-and-experimentation/ Follow the rhythm: https://blogs.ulster.ac.uk/leandermutschler/2020/11/27/follow-the-rythm/

IXD102 Web Essay

I Am quite happy with how the web essay turned out and there is very little I would change. I found it quite hard to find images of the right resolution and found some of the spacing very tedious and annoying but other than that I enjoyed it a lot. I am not too sure […]

IXD102 Web Essay Illustrations

For my background, I wish to have penguins walking down the screen as you read to tie it in with the penguin books that Jan Tschichold designed in his later life and to try to continue with my drawn plan.                               […]

IXD102 Web Essay Foundations

I have finally finished the actual essay and I am at the point where I will begin to add my images and illustrations. I spent a lot of time developing the bibliography as I found this quite hard and have already added in the illustrations for this section. We had a critique with Kyle and […]

IXD102 PocketProfile HicksDesign

Hicksdesign is a design company created by John and Leigh Hicks and has been working with clients globally since 2002. They specialize in: Web & Product Design Brand Identity Iconography Print While looking through their work I found A series of illustrations for DuckDuckGo – telling the story of the alternative search engine’s unique privacy features. […]

IXD102 Type Specimen Links

This is the collection of links related to the development of the Type Specimen posters. https://blogs.ulster.ac.uk/leandermutschler/2020/10/01/type-specimen-for-screen-research-and-planning/ https://blogs.ulster.ac.uk/leandermutschler/2020/10/09/type-specimen/ https://blogs.ulster.ac.uk/leandermutschler/2020/10/22/type-specimen-updated/

IXD101 Portfolio Website

With the portfolio website, I wanted to try and use all the new things I had learned and improve on the original design. Things I wanted to incorporate: image carousel sticky navbar hyperlinks clickable logos The image carousel was something I wanted to mess with ever since I realized you could make one using some […]

IXD101- 9 iterations

My initial idea following the 9 iterations design research project was climbing holds as it was something I had done quite a bit recently.                         After taking some photos I took them home and I had always laughed and joked with friends about how […]

IXD102 Group presentation research – Bauhaus and the New Typography

We decided that we would do Bauhaus and the New Typography. So I decided to begin to do some general research. http://www.designhistory.org/Avant_Garde_pages/BauhausType.html https://anm102pm.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/anm102-ch16-bauhaus-and-new-typograph.pdf https://www.widewalls.ch/magazine/bauhaus-typography To say that the whole graphic design industry owes its life to the Bauhaus movement would be a serious understatement. The Bauhaus typography is especially credited for the development of modern day graphic […]

IXD102 Type Specimen

We went in on Friday and received feedback on our sketches. Initially, I used stencils to create mine however the feedback I received said that they were all very similar and didn’t really seem to be three independent type specimens. So when I went home I drew up some more ideas really quickly. I tried […]

IXD101 Point,Line and Plane

In our first session of IXD101, we went over point, line, and plane. During this session, we created a grid and experimented with the outcomes of using 2 then 3 then 5 points, lines, and planes. Paul then questioned what motive we had behind the placement. He then brought to our attention that equations can […]