IXD101 Github links & Projects

Github link:https://github.com/LeanderIXD John Baskerville: https://github.com/LeanderIXD/john_baskerville Type history: https://github.com/LeanderIXD/historyoftype CSS Exercise: https://github.com/LeanderIXD/css_exercise Portfolio Page: https://github.com/LeanderIXD/ixd101 Final Pieces Manifesto: https://blogs.ulster.ac.uk/leandermutschler/2020/09/28/week-1-mantra-design-page/ 9 Iterations: https://blogs.ulster.ac.uk/leandermutschler/2020/11/28/ixd101-9-iterations-and-experimentation/ Follow the rhythm: https://blogs.ulster.ac.uk/leandermutschler/2020/11/27/follow-the-rythm/

IXD101 Portfolio Website

With the portfolio website, I wanted to try and use all the new things I had learned and improve on the original design. Things I wanted to incorporate: image carousel sticky navbar hyperlinks clickable logos The image carousel was something I wanted to mess with ever since I realized you could make one using some javascript. I had taught myself quite a lot of javascript prior to this course and had just used some to create a sticky navbar for IXD102.                               If I had more time I would love to display the previous and following image on either side of the current image and create nicer arrows. I also thought it could be a cool idea to instead of having dots below the images to skip to instead have miniatures of the image in grey. Although my final product wasn’t close to my sketch I’m quite happy with the outcome.                                                       The next piece was the navigation bar which […]

IXD101- 9 iterations

My initial idea following the 9 iterations design research project was climbing holds as it was something I had done quite a bit recently.                         After taking some photos I took them home and I had always laughed and joked with friends about how they looked like faces so I took them into photoshop and did some sketches and drawings.                         These were where I left it for a while, after fixing the cropping and sizing issues Paul brought up in a 1 to 1. Later I decided to do some sketches on paper, I was quite happy with how they turned out.                                       Later I then decided I would draw more in my free time.                                         For the portfolio website, I wanted to try to create a carousel image display. However, I also wanted you to be able to see […]

IXD101 9 Iterations and Experimentation

During my one on one with Paul on Tuesday about general things we ended up talking about previous tasks, and the iterations project came up. I decided I would resize these in photoshop for Instagram. I also wanted to create some illustrations instead and recently received new pens so I decided to do some experiments on paper.

IXD101 Follow the Rythm

I began by picking a song and for me, that was pretty clear cut and had to be “Feels like summer” by Childish Gambino and it reminds me so much of summer. Due to this I wanted to depict the summer mood as much as possible and began by looking for inspiration.                                   Using these I created some sketches in my book:                                                                               After this, I went into Photoshop and created some drawings, and played around with the style I wanted to draw it in. I tried making it more painterly however I found that block colors worked quite well.                   After this, all I had to do was add the font and text. For this, I looked at multiple fonts in adobe and on google fonts and felt like I wanted a handwritten font but couldn’t find […]

IXD101 100 Iterations

We were as a group, mainly focusing on line and point in our research. When we were asked to create 9 slides using one of the point line or plane. I recently began climbing about 2 months ago and have been adding it to my training about 3/4 times a week for a few hours. as soon as I got this task and went climbing I thought of all the faces created by the holds and the planes made up to create them. I took them into photoshop and drew on them a bit to make them more fun and engaging and to amplify the character I saw in each of the holds.

IXD101 Point,Line and Plane

In our first session of IXD101, we went over point, line, and plane. During this session, we created a grid and experimented with the outcomes of using 2 then 3 then 5 points, lines, and planes. Paul then questioned what motive we had behind the placement. He then brought to our attention that equations can be used to set the sizes or even a story to depict with the points, lines, and planes. I found this quite interesting and definitely something worth thinking about for the next time I create something.

IXD 101 Mantra Design Page

I have never really been a fan of motivational manifestos or mantras as I feel they give false hope when sometimes you just have to do something that you hate. However, when this happens I really enjoy going running or cycling. This just gives me time to think and be by myself so I decided this would be the main part of my design. I thought of a few mantras and found it surprisingly difficult to come up with one as they were either too cheesy or didn’t sound right. I ended up asking my friends and coach for ideas and came up with a few: “pain isn’t a sacrifice, it’s an investment in success” “Don’t tell people your plans, show them your results” “Think it, Want it, Do it” “Work never ends, so keep ongoing” “The path might not always be smooth, but it’s the bumps that make it fun” “You might fall, crash or slip but you’ll get there eventually” I ended going for “The path might not always be smooth, but it’s the bumps that make it fun” as I felt it applied to me more along with my enjoyment of escaping from stress with cycling I […]