IXD301 Week 11: Tasks

Week 11: Finishing things up

This week we had to create a prototype for our class review alongside finishing off our presentation. Firstly I created the prototype. I have never created a prototype in Figma before so I had to look up some videos but once I got the hang of it, it worked quite well.


The prototype took some work to get done as I had to collate all the resources I had created and display them as a working product. For this, I had to create some new components such as a menu and a loading screen.

This is an example of the menu I designed. for this I used the same font I have always been using, Manrope and then coloured the text red to match the calendar. Previously it was black but this didn’t work well and missed something to I changed it to read to help make it stand out as buttons and not just text.

Then I added in my icons that I made all using the same line width and similar lengths using a 1:2 ratio.

Then I hooked them all up with prototyping this took a lot of messing around the first time but now it’s super quick and easy.

I had some trouble working on the animations as it didn’t want to work when zooming in to the boxes.


For my presentation all I had to do was all of it.

Luckily the hard part was done. I had just created a slide deck set for Daniels project and took it over to this and changed a few things to make it more creative and overall more interesting visually.


So I took the colours text placement and some of the illustrations over to this project

My aim was to:

  1. create limited slides
  2. small amount of text
  3. lots of images
  4. and make it look cool

I instantly wanted to display images as if they were windows popups, this is actually how I do my site maps and is a really great template that I thought it adapts to show my content quickly. I did this because kyle is a big fan of knowing what’s coming up just in case there’s anything scary.



I kept with the window theme and displayed images such as research in a way that I thought looked good. This took A LOT  of messing around with. And I don’t regret it.

I made sure to show my very messy Figma files and just continued to run with it and make the who presentation an organised mess. I think this worked really well in my opinion. And kyle said it looked cool so I’m happy.

In the end, this is what my presentation turned out as. I was very happy with the outcome and practised my presentation a few times but in general, I felt that I would do better if I just had fun and talked about my work and how I did it.


We then had to present it to kyle. I was actually quite nervous that day as I had 2 interviews for placement alongside a design task to finish off. However, the presentation went great. While I did it I felt like it was going on a bit but I found out this was because kyle forgot to tell me the 8-minute mark which admittedly threw me off a bit. I got a lot of good feedback, however, he wondered if I could have done the illustrations myself which I admittedly could have however I did feel a bit of a time crunch with so much going on. He also remarked that I could have tracked the time better but I’m going to blame him for that to make myself feel better.



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