IXD301 Week 10: Research & Recap

Week 10: The Art of the Pitch

This week kyle gave us a presentation on the art of the pitch. This was similar to the one Daniel gave us a few weeks previously
This included how to:
  • present slides
  • keep attention
  • settle nerves
  • sort design

Most of this we had covered with daniel but it was still helpful as a recap.

What I learnt:

It was interesting to hear someone else’s opinion on presentations. Daniel said you don’t always have to tell the viewers the content as it can seem a bit forced and boring. Whereas Kyle said it was a must. I have to say that I agree with daniel that it is not always necessary.


So to begin with this week I was using grease pencil so I went back and rewatched some of the youtube videos I was previously using to learn it to help refamiliarize myself with it.

However this week I wanted to spend some time looking at how to create a presentation and what a good one looks like. Moreover how to present one well.


This gave 10 tips on how to improve your presentation skills.

  1.  Show your Passion and Connect with your Audience
  2. Focus on your Audience’s Needs
  3. Keep it Simple: Concentrate on your Core Message
  4. Smile and Make Eye Contact with your Audience
  5. Start Strongly
  6. Remember the 10-20-30 Rule for Slideshows
  7. Tell Stories
  8. Use your Voice Effectively
  9. Use your Body Too
  10. Relax, Breathe and Enjoy

I think in general I learnt to relax, keep less on the screen and keep it simple. Imagine you are watching the presentation and keeping it interesting. The only time it can be bad is if it is boring. Nobody is going to judge you for being nervous or stumbling a few words.

One of the best points is about verbal communication:

“That means that as well as your tone of voice, your body language is crucial to getting your message across. Make sure that you are giving the right messages: body language to avoid includes crossed arms, hands held behind your back or in your pockets, and pacing the stage.”

I also watched quite a few videos from different people giving advice on presentations. And although most of them could take their own advice and not be so boring they all said the same thing.


The best way to stop this is by practising so similar to other presentations I’ve done I religiously practice and a lot of the time I stay away from having notes as these can make you get lost in your presentation and stop you from interacting with the audience. It also makes it feel rehearsed and in my case makes me panic more. I also always forget to bring them.



This is the website of Bern university of arts its a pretty simple website with some cool images. I like the logo although it feels a bit large. i also wouldn’t have the menu icons there, I despise that. The typography is cool and they have a custom scroll bar (kinda cool).

This is the part I like. I love the font and the nice layout of options and information. Although someone needs to check their capitalization.

The menus are a bit weird but still follows the theme. not a fan of the position of the icons for it or the positioning of the exit button on it. I also feel like it could do with having less information on it as it requires you to scroll which defeats the purpose of the menu in my opinion. But I like the simple black and white colour scheme.

just a very simple but Very text-heavy layout. I am a fan of the hover state which makes it grey to show it’s clickable and love the font and Hierarchy. But as I said it is super text-heavy and I was not for reading all of it so that says something.

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