IXD301 Week 7: Recap

Group Critique and New projects:


This week we had a class critique on our portfolio websites where everyone commented and looked at each other work with kyle going through each portfolio one by one giving feedback.

We did this using miro and posted our links. Annika and I created boxes to organise everyone’s comments and work and I think in general the whole thing was very helpful.

It was great to hear feedback on my work from others and hear what they thought of it. I was quite happy to see that people could see the link between my website and the research I had done and that people picked up on my animations and photography


What I Learnt:

This was a fun and enjoyable process. I got to look at some of the other people’s portfolios and was blown away by the typography of the german Erasmus students work as they all study graphic design. This is definitely something I want to work on.



We were also given the new project that we would be working on. It was the elements project where we had to redesign or display the elements of the periodic table in a format for young kids or university students. I was a bit underwhelmed by the project but I decided to use it to help learn new skills and practice new things I had learned. In my other blog post for this week you can see the sketches I began working on and the ideas I came up with.

Something I Found?


This is a crap website.

This was made by trans-disciplinary artist robin price. He’s a local artist that travels the world doing random things and working with this such as data visualisation. Pretty cool stuff. But his website certainly isn’t, that’s what makes it cool. The tacky repeating image of him set as the background with neon colours screams 2000, along with the horrible colour choice and size for the text makes it an eye-catching eyesore. With a repeating gif of him dancing, this website does everything right to make it get lodged inside your head like a go compare advert.

Obviously this website isn’t great for accessibility but in my opinion its pretty great at its job, which is looking crap and getting stuck in my head. I just wished he tweaked a few things.

Things to change:

  • The text colour is cool but can be a pain to read.
  • Good links to projects but make them closer together
  • Show your email or a way to get in contact

In comparison to his older website which he links it definitely packs more of a punch and although it may not inspire me to hire him his work does.

His project displays are simple with a small description of what it was and how he did it alongside a video and then a load of images with no more text. This is what I love because nobody has time to read anymore. Maybe he could have added some more text but a lot of the time the stuff he does is to technical to explain and the final outcome usually shows all you need to know.

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