IXD301 Week 8: Tasks

Week 8: Content Stratagy:

This week we were given a large number of small tasks that took around 10/20 minutes each that we did during class including competitor analysis and user personas. Below is a list of tasks we were given for next week.

Tasks to be done by next week:

  • Start to consider the visual aesthetic.
  • An early prototype for extra marks

Previously I had created some sketches of ideas and started pushing them a bit further. This was still all on paper so this week I began to take them to Figma.

I took these sketches into Figma. I wanted to try and add some form of reference to the periodic table. so I decided to leave some squares out

I turned this into a 3d version

At the moment I have the numbers centred on the squares however later on I want to try and experiment with having them top left in hopes to reference the original periodic table more.

Some icons I repaired for the prototype:

An overview of the calendar and the elements and some name ideas:

Here you can see me go through the process of blocking out squares in the grid and removing squares to attempt to imitate the periodic table.

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