IXD301 Week 7: Tasks


Tasks to be done:
  1. Organise Periodic table data – See Raw Data Here
  2. Begin to consider the paper prototypes, sketches and wireframes
  3. Visit the Ulster Museum Elements – Read about it here

This week we had a few small tasks but in general, we just had to finish off our portfolio and begin creating ideas for our elements project.


Task 1:

We were given a list of information and we had to separate it up. To do this quickly I used the built in function in excel to automatically split up a list into a grid and then I added the headers with the appropriate title.



Task 2:

Consider paper prototypes and wireframing. I began sketching ideas and anything that came to my head on paper I initially had three ideas, a calendar, an AR playing card set, and a Halloween trick or treat game. I wanted to stay away from boring designs and challenge myself to learn something new.

These are some of the very messy pages in my sketch book as I try to figure things out and come up with ideas.

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