IXD302 Week 2: Task


  • Start writing your CVs and covering letters. Pick a job or company from last weeks research to get you started.
  • Also, consider ways in which you will stand out or your delivery method.
  • Get LinkedIn and any other social platforms up to date.


Start writing CV/Cover letter:

I started writing my cover letter and used a similar style to the one daniel showed us. I kept everything within a table which helped the spacing and organisation.

I still have to add sections on previous work experience, additional information and references. These will follow the same format as the other sections. I have to work on formatting the document as to when it is converted to a pdf my qualifications smoosh together. This is probably because I am using pages and it is my first time using the software.


I have updated my linked in, which did not take long as I had updated everything at the end of last year.

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