IXD301 Week 2: Recap & Research

This week we covered four things in class:

  1. What is content curation?
  2. Job user stories
  3. Visual grammar
  4. Crazy 8’s


1. Content curation

Today we recapped content curation using audits and tables to collate content before beginning design.

2. Job user Stories

We looked at how user stories can help direct design towards fulfilling its purpose efficiently and elegantly. By putting yourself in the user’s position and working out what they want to do, the designer can help inform the design of programs, websites and apps to enable the user to complete their task.

We completed some in class with our peers and read them out loud. Here are my attempts:

3. Visual Grammar

We discussed how visual grammar is important to create consistency throughout a project and infer continuity between pages using colour shape and line. Simple things such as using the same font and font-weight. This can be added on to by using your own branding or visual mark. Using a consistent colour scheme with your identity etc.

4. Crazy 8’s

What I learnt:

I personally found the crazy 8’s super fun and useful for creating wacky ideas that I usually wouldn’t think of. The user job stories were something I’ve never done before, and I can see how it could help direct my design ideas and inform my decisions on placement and accessibility.

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