IXD302 Week 2: Recap & Research

Creative Entrepreneurship:


Today we started by looking at the Belfast UX slack group and what people had to say about interviews and applying for jobs. This was useful to see and a group I am already part of.

We then had a look at CV’s

What is it?

A concise, formal document that summarises your education, skills and experience. It should be easily read and referenced and explain who you are.

What should it include?

  1. Contact Details
  2. A Short Bio
  3. Skills
  4. Work Experience
  5. Education
  6. Awards and Additional Info
  7. References

Keep it short.

CVs should be as concise as possible. Use simple sentences. They are for conveying information as quickly and efficiently as possible. So, only relevant & vital info. Your CV will likely be about a page or no more than two sides of an A4.


20 Questions You will each select a random post-it with a job title on it. Keep this secret. Your colleagues in the group must find out what you do in 20 questions or less without asking outright what you do. You only get one go at guessing the job title. No cheating.

What I Learnt:

Today we learnt a lot about what to include and not include. I think my biggest takeaway from today was to keep it simple but designed. Pick a good font and minimal colours, get a professional email, and link your portfolio and blog.



What I Like:

I really enjoy how simple it is and how little formatting and design there is. The minimal use of colour helps highlight key areas and break up the page but doesn’t detract from the content. Information is simply laid out and easily found.

What I Dislike:

I dislike the font choice and line spacing. I feel like everything is very cramped. I very much dislike the centred header in bold as I feel like this takes too much attention away from the important items on the CV.


What I Like:

I like the colour accent, minimal writing and emboldened text to highlight key areas.

What I Dislike:

I really don’t like the rating system, this is something that Daniel told us to avoid and I understand why. I also dislike how everything is bullet-pointed.

What I Like:

I enjoy the use of colour on the side to create a sense of identity. I like the font and the format in which the information is displayed alongside the minimal colours (blue, pink, navy, yellow).

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