IXD104 Week 8

Designing Infographics:

This week we looked at designing infographics through:

  • The Death of Words
  • Rise of the Infographic
  • What makes a good infographic?
  • Steps to the Infographic level of amazing…

This week we started looking at how the world is changing from using words to images and how vital images are to our intake of information especially since the birth and rise of social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram.

“Illustration can help showcase and bring things to life, but there’s a fine line between [this and] it becoming distracting. It should be more of a supporting than a leading role. If the designer isn’t careful, what he’s designing can become purely an illustration, rather than an infographic. You want the illustration to support the story that the data is telling, rather than detract from it.”
—Robin Richards

Paul showed us a 14 step guide to making an infographic that I thought was quite useful.

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