Animation CI for Industries Week 12

No class on Monday but an online talk on the Thursday around 1pm with our team Group G but only the game students to test the game out and make improvements. For me I had to help with Jasmin find my animation on OneDrive to input into the game on unreal engine as were almost at our end. I did have some trouble with certain models for instance from the last review of our gave we needed some more models or pizzaz added to the quality of the game so that’s what we did. For me I had to add pizzaz to my cups by not making it symmetrical or to be specific simple looking, the other animation students requested to use the lattice tool on Maya to be quick on making it look unsymmetrical.

Once I used the lattice tool for my cup I was going to test it on unreal as FBX to see how would the outcome be, but unfortunately it had mesh missing, again and again I did not not what was happening and asked my team to assistance. Alex on discord had helped me out since I needed to delete my history then go into settings to put the option smoothing groups on with a video he posted which lasted a minute. It had worked successfully thanks to Alec and then shortly upload it onto One drive for the others to add into the game to replace the old model.

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