Animation Discourse Week 12 Tutorial Week

Last week before submitting our essay assignment I followed through what Ryan had said and made my way of completing the essay although I still had to clean up references, proof read for grammar mistakes and checking the word count before submission on the Tuesday. I went back to the titles to make sure the titles were the question and the essay is answering their questions.

I really enjoyed this course this semester watching documentaries, horror and music bands with Ryan to give ideas on our essay’s, doing the PowerPoint with my team in February with the article we chosen on puppetry displaying emotions through verbal communication. Also Yuan our lecturer helping us out with our Essay’s during our one to one tutorial talks in the last four weeks with Ryan as well. Asking our questions and better ways to improve our essay’s, as well as using discord for communication if we had any problems. This course was enlightening and fun with the essay and the groups we joined this semester 2, for I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  

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