Animated Narrative Reflection

Throughout this semester, I have learnt new things and went through some ups and downs for some projects but managed to pull myself up again. Just like the previous assignment with the 2D animation project it was interesting about the 3D concept like the 2D with storyboards and animatics but had rigging and a pre vis to the characters movements as well as lighting in Maya. It was enjoyable with my group having amazing ideas on our project and how to make it better by editing some plot stuff out even if it was a 15 – 30 short animation project for this semester.

However, there was some issues with Maya in the topic of rendering as it took up the whole week to finish my animation and export it to after effects. As well as my team who had trouble in rendering the whole sequence throughout this week while asking for an extension to give us more time to finish it up. It was a struggle some times this animation course especially with Maya and its projects but I thoroughly enjoyed this year and how I learnt  more of animation but I must say I still prefer the 2D more then the 3D.

But for the future, I promise myself that I will try to sort out myself when it comes to animation by doing the summer work and practise more with the animation on Maya or Krita by watching video tutorials and improve my techniques for next semester.

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