Summer Homework Walk Cycle’s

For the summer I have been watching videos on Blackboard talking about the walk cycles from 2D to 3D. I will talk about the 2D first with two walk cycles I’ve done. For the 2D animation I had a small bit of knowledge with frames and different poses for the character when moving then being a still image. After looking on 2d animation on blackboard by Sarah and watching LinkedIn learning with animation tips, I became familiar with the walk cycle and tried doing two sperate work for it on Krita with the number of frames used for each pose like an animatic.

The first practise


The Second work

The first was a practise to working on the layers and movements from the legs where one is shown in the light and the other in it’s shadow.

For the next one I chose one of my original characters with the arms, legs, hair and skirt. The arms and legs where easy enough and doing the skirt was simple as I watched on LinkedIn learning tips for fabric animated. I also added in some colour for the skirt and nose as a simple practise with the colour as well for the skirt to show it flowing.

Now the 3D animation walk cycle was used on Maya with a rig from blackboard called the azui.rig. Totally different from the 2D animation cycle where we used 32 frames and we didn’t have to draw. Watching Alecs videos helped me through the process to understand about the curves, rigs and motion of the character when walking. I couldn’t get the texture colours displayed on the rig but everything else checked out perfectly in the end.

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