IXD103- Minor Task (how businesses form emotional relationships with customers)

This week, we were given the task of choosing 3 businesses we respect and studying how they form emotional relationships with customers.


Fender are known for providing a variety of guitars in a wide range of prices. This shows that they care about making their products affordable and accessible by everyone from beginners to professionals. This makes customers feel valued.

Since they sell guitars which are at a professional level, you see a lot of celebrities using their product. This helps build trust between the brand and the customer because if they see someone they love using the product, they are more likely to trust it.

On their website they share their journey to becoming the worlds leading guitar manufacturer. The company started over 70 years ago which shows they have been around a long time, showing they are trustworthy. Since they have been around so long, people become loyal to the brand. Their products may get passed down generations which creates a connection between families and Fender.

They often engage with their audience on social media which shows that they care and are there to help. Communicating with their audience regularly helps build that connection even more.




This company sell metal posters which are known for being great quality. Their customer service is great. For example, they provide discounts which shows they are grateful, they are easy to contact, and they make it easy to return items. Doing this makes customers feel cared for and they are likely to buy products from them again.

This company have great values and morals which play a huge role in building an emotional connection between themselves and customers. For every poster bought, they plant 1 tree. Currently, they have planted over 14,000,000 trees. This makes customers feel accomplished and that they are helping a good cause. This company make caring for the environment a priority so people with the same morals will feel a connection to the brand.

Displate provide a platform for artists to sell their work and receive recognition. They are helping over 40,000 artists from 86 different countries. Customers can feel like they are supporting growing artists and like they are part of a community.

They have endless amounts of poster categories to choose from therefore, they provide for a wide audience, making everyone feels included. They encourage people to buy posters for things that they are passionate about such as, gaming, nature, and movies. Their customers, of course, have an emotional connection to these things and will want to come back and buy more.


Burt’s Bees

This is a skincare brand known for their natural ingredients. All their products are over 95% natural, they don’t test on animals, they have recyclable packaging, and they source their products responsibly. Doing this shows that they have good values, and it will build an emotional connection with consumers with the same morals.

They have brand ambassadors which shows real people using the products. This makes the products seem more trustworthy. They also communicate with their customers well on social media which shows that they care and builds a connection.


Doing this task opened my eyes to new ways of building that emotional connection with your audience. It showed me the importance of sharing the brand story and the values and morals a brand stands by. This is because it attracts people with a similar outlook and encourages loyalty.

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